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Scales of the East

Eastern Spices Scales of the East contains 16 scales from places stretching from eastern Europe and all across Asia, plus 9 bonus scales. All scales are presets to Ableton Live 9’s “Scale” MIDI effect. Scales of the East can be very useful when you are trying to achieve an ethnic feel in your track or composition. All notes […]

Surround Panner

A feature that Ableton Live is missing is surround sound support. The Grenade Lawnchair Surround Panner (GLSP) is an attempt to work around this problem by using Max for Live and Live’s return tracks. The effect is based on Somnitecs 4.1 panner v1.1 but has been extended to support 5.1 surround sound. Bring Live up […]

Sound of Swords

Sound of Swords is just that. The sample pack includes sounds from all types of medieval weapons and armour. The sample pack will be updated as soon as new sounds and weapons are recorded so stay tuned! Be sure to read and make sure you understand the license agreement included. The samples are completely unaltered […]