Surround Panner


A feature that Ableton Live is missing is surround sound support. The Grenade Lawnchair Surround Panner (GLSP) is an attempt to work around this problem by using Max for Live and Live’s return tracks. The effect is based on Somnitecs 4.1 panner v1.1 but has been extended to support 5.1 surround sound.

Bring Live up to Speed

The developers at Ableton made a disappointing decision when they chose not to include surround sound in Ableton Live 9 – so we took it upon ourselves. Ableton Live is a wonderful DAW for music and creation but has yet to impress the post production world. The Surround Panner will change that. It has been hard to stay fathful to Ableton Live when almost every other major DAW supports 5.1 and 7.1, and it is our notion that people still see Live just as a “DJ software” and not the feature rich DAW it is, although severely lacking in surround.

GLSP 2.0

Ease of Use

The surround panner is really easy to operate. There are four controls: Left-Right pan, Forward-Back pan, LFE send and centre percentage. Panning can be controlled with the XY-pad or by adjusting the sliders. All controls are automatically mapped to your MIDI controller.




Name Grenade Lawnchair Surround Panner
Version 2.0
Size 64 kB
System requirements

Ableton Live 8.2 or above

Max for Live 5.1 or above