Mastering is a branch of engineering that’s wildly misunderstood. The mastering engineer’s job is to prepare the song for distribution, digital or physical. Per definition, the sound of the song should not have to change due to mastering. Nowadays the mastering engineer’s duty has widened to work on the dynamics, with compressors and limiters, stereo imaging and EQ:ing on top of the traditional tasks such as meta tagging etc. Note that even the best mastering engineers can’t save a good mix, so don’t send in tracks that you’re not completely satisfied with.

We try not to limit the tracks to much (if not at all) unless requested by the client. We try to break out of the loudness war as much as we can, but the industry won’t change over night. As of today we can’t offer ISRC codes in the mastering process. You will however receive ISRC’s if you send your music through our distribution service.

We charge a flat $30 per song

Let us assemble your final product and get it ready for distribution. The same goes for our mixing service – if you’re unhappy with the product you get your money back. If you want to get your track mixed before you master it, or want it released when it’s done, check out our package deals. We might have just the right thing for you.

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