Have your songs mixed by an unbiased set of ears. In our studio we got a wide array of both analog and digital equipment, as well as our talented engineers, which will provide you with a clean, excellent sounding track. If you, by some mysterious reason, find yourself unhappy with the results we give you 100% of your money back. Don’t forget to check out our mastering service when your track has been mixed, or get a package deal right of the bat!


We will be in touch with you several times during the mixing process. The first time is when your track has already been mixed. You can now leave feedback and ask questions. This is repeated until the mix sound as sweet as it ever could be.


We work on a flat rate of $70 per song. This takes the pressure away from you, the client, knowing that no additional payments will be made before the product is done and ready.

For an additional $10 you will receive a video explaining what gear that was used and the philosophy around the decisions made during the mixing sessions.

Sounds interesting? Send an email to info@grenadelawnchair.com.